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Are you the one always nominated to head up membership and fundraising responsibilities in the clubs or teams you’ve joined? Have you successfully convinced others to invest in something that you care about? Are you the top fundraiser or salesperson on your regional team? Perhaps that’s because your passion for causes, products and services that you believe in is contagious.  If so, we want to talk with you about joining Friends of the Earth as our Stewardship Officer.  This is the perfect job if:

  • you like laying out a plan and asking people to give generously to support a great cause, or
  • you have worked a sales territory for and are used to relating your company’s product or service to the customer’s need.


Who We Are

Friends of the Earth is working for a more healthy and just world. We understand that the challenges facing our planet call for more than half measures, so we push for the reforms that are needed, not merely the ones that are politically easy. Our mission is to change the perception of the public, media and policy makers –  and effect policy change – with impactful, well-reasoned policy analysis and advocacy campaigns that protect people and the planet. This hard-hitting advocacy has been the key to our successful campaigns over our four-plus decades in operation.  Our programs address a wide range of domestic and international issues as they relate to the environment, including but not limited to: climate and energy, food and agriculture, oceans and water, economic policy and democracy reform.


What You’ll Do

Our fundraising operation is generating historically high revenue for Friends of the Earth. And that’s good news, because the need for environmental protection is more intense than we’ve seen in decades. As a result, our President and Board have decided to invest in expanding our capacity.  That’s where you come in.  We’re asking you to solicit large gifts (in the tens of thousands) from donors who support our work.  Our specific goal, which is your mission, is to compel our mid-level donors to become major donors and make Friends of the Earth the priority of their philanthropy. This is no small task, but it is extremely important if we are to continue to protect and defend our environment.  There are four important pieces to this job.


Build on and improve our winning strategy (15%): Some of the scaffolding is already in place and in other places you will have to create something from scratch.  We are counting on you to know when good is good enough and when action trumps planning.  We do not need you to reinvent the wheel.  We are looking for you to deliver results while refining and improving our current strategy.

  • Develop an evolving targeting strategy to identify those donors where your time is best spent.
  • Continually analyze results and recommend new tactics and strategies to improve performance.


Solicit large gifts from existing donor (25%):  This is where you really need to shine – making the ask in an authentic, genuine manner that draws individual donors to our work and begins a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

  • Spearhead the solicitation of gifts up to the tens of thousands.
  • Build a pyramid of donor renewals, engaging our leadership as appropriate.
  • Plan a travel calendar that maximizes results and impact and minimizes expenses.
  • Craft and test new approaches and tactics with an eye to improving your results and building on our success.


Be an effective steward of our existing major donors (40%):  We have formed a society of important donors, the Vanguard Society, whom we view as our partners.  We want to continue to support these partners, and it will be your job to do that.

  • Serve as the welcoming point of contact for Vanguard Society members.
  • Plan and execute digital and telephone cultivation events for members, including hosting telephone town halls.
  • Provide creative direction for digital and direct mail long-form cultivation pieces for members.


Track and report on progress towards goals (20%):  Keeping score is critical to our success and we have a variety of tools at your disposal to help with the task.  Although tackling this is a core competency, we’re looking for inspiration here – your fundraising gold is in these tools, databases, lists.

  • Maintain meticulous and 100% complete records of donor interactions in Raiser’s Edge database.
  • Utilize research to mine donor list for those with significantly higher capacity than that at which they are currently giving.


Who You Are

To be successful in this job, you are exceptional in these five areas.

  • Strong communication skills – Being an effective advocate requires you to be a strong communicator both verbally and in writing.  The power of thoughtful persuasion is a must.  You must be experienced in writing compelling materials that showcase vision and mission and able to tailor tone and content to the audience. We are counting on you to be able to speak to a group of five or fifty with confident authenticity.
  • Relationship building – You easily engage with people, and winning people to your side is one of your gifts.  However you pride yourself on creating lasting, leverageable relationships with donors, customers, and partners. Your positive, thoughtful approach generates hope and commitment.
  • Self-motivation – You are driven by your personal and professional goals but your success does not occur on the backs of others.  You are comfortable leading or working with a team but you thrive when working alone too.  You are patient and persistent and quickly see how obstacles can be overcome.
  • Project management – You stay on top of multiple projects without dropping any balls and meet deadlines for multiple projects at once.  You plan with the end goal in mind and work backwards, anticipating obstacles, involving stakeholders appropriately, and using resources wisely.  You are not afraid to ask for help when you need it.
  • Data driven – You are a strategic doer.  You plan your work carefully, implement creatively, and fine-tune your process and tactics based on feedback and results.  You are a wise steward of resources – your time, our funds, and our leaders – and use the latest tools, practices, and technology to ensure that you continue to do that.


What Else You Should Know

We are a culture of can-do people, working in open spaces, regularly supporting each other.  You will be working out of our offices in Washington, DC, which is a highly collaborative environment and could travel occasionally to our Berkeley-based office in the Brower Center.  You will travel monthly to meet with donors with whom you are building relationships and plan to solicit donations.


Your salary will be competitive for the role and market and you will find our benefits to be generous – organization-sponsored medical/dental/vision care, generous paid time off, contribution to retirement, flexible spending accounts, commuter benefits, paid maternity/paternity leave and more.


We are an equal opportunity employer who encourages applications from women, people of color and other members of underrepresented groups who will contribute to the diversity of its staff. Also, please note that references will be requested during the screening process and we will ask final candidates to tackle some exercises that directly relate to the job description.


What Now?

To apply, please send us a resume or your LinkedIn profile by clicking on this link.  We look forward to learning more about you.

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