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Our mission

Ian with friends of the earth internationalFriends of the Earth defends the environment and champions a healthy and just world.

Three principles guide our work

Sustainability – There will always be more tomorrows. All of us should use the planet's resources in a way that ensures they will still be available for future generations. Because the environment belongs to all of us (and we to it), we must ensure that natural resources are used in a fair way so that all people can lead healthy, fulfilling lives, and breathe clean air, drink clean water and enjoy a stable climate.

Connectivity – The fight to safeguarding the planet and its resources is intrinsically connected to the global struggle for social and economic justice. As long as the powerful continue to pillage the planet, there will be no hope for equality.

Systemic change – The world's problems are too great for tiny fixes around the edges. We cannot afford to allow corporations to continue to profit by destroying the environment. We must hold them accountable for the costs their pollution creates, and we must shift the focus from short-term profits to long-term prosperity.

Practicing our values

Friends of the Earth, as an outspoken leader in the environmental and progressive communities, seeks to change the perception of the public, media and policymakers -- and effect policy change -- with hard-hitting, well-reasoned policy analysis and advocacy campaigns that describe what needs to be done, rather than what is seen as politically feasible or politically correct. This hard-hitting advocacy has been the key to our successful campaigns over our 40-year history.

Anti-Oppression – Friends of the Earth is working towards ensuring that in our struggle for a healthy and just world our words and actions uphold the rights and dignity of all peoples. We believe that freedom from oppression is the foundation of justice and peace in the world and that oppression, in all its forms, will continue to divide our movements and weaken our power to create the change we seek unless we openly acknowledge and address it in all its forms.

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